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“Jim [McNamara's] leadership during the design process ensured that we achieved every goal…, set the stage for accreditation of the program…, successfully navigated through final DOH inspections for this unique facility and opened the doors to critical acclaim from the University and the public.”


Mary Day Gauer, CFM, IFMA Fellow

Group Manager, Health Sciences

UNM Office of Capital Projects



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New Mexico is currently ranked 49th nationally in dentists per capita and does not have a dental school. There is currently a dental residency program and with this new facility the number of resident positions will more than double. The clinic will provide dental care to indigent, Medicaid and low income residents. The new facility will help recruit and retain dental residents to New Mexico. The UNM strategic plan includes the establishment of a dental school in the future.


The site for the new clinic is located on the UNM Health Sciences campus. Automobiles can easily access the site from a University Boulevard and there is a public bus stop one block away. Convenient parking is provided for patients as well as the staff.


There are two main components of the project: A single story 11,000 square foot general dentistry clinical building; and a 5,600 square foot ambulatory surgical center. The scope of services includes the provision of outpatient dental clinical services, including the vast number of young children with significant dental disease and medically complex adult patients. Patient supportive services will also be provided including patient navigator in relieving severe pain and infection and then finding patients an appropriate dental home. The dental ambulatory surgery center will serve as a resource for patients and faculty growth allowing more specialized services for patients.

Owner:  UNM School of Medicine, Department of Dental Medicine

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Size: 16,600 SF

Photos by Kirk Gittings