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The City of Albuquerque Senior Affairs Nutrition and Transportation Center, a replacement facility for the John Marshall Kitchen, is a Nutrition, Meal Production and Distribution Center serving Senior Centers and homebound seniors for the City of Albuquerque. The facility serves four primary functions: 1) Food Production, 2) Food Storage, 3) Receiving/Loading, 4) Administrative Offices. Replacing and expanding the operations of the aging John Marshall kitchen, this new Center doubles production capacity of the old one. The staff is now able to produce more than 1,200 meals per hour.


Rather than treat the 9,800 program SF as a single massing, the design team humanized the scale of this facility by deliberately breaking down the program into a composition of building blocks that are expressive of the primary functions. A courtyard that acts as a physical and visual retreat organizes the various building blocks. This courtyard is a welcome source of light and air and is instrumental to providing a fulfilling work environment. To this same end, plentiful glazing, skylights, and sol-a-tubes throughout the facility provide abundant natural light and outside awareness.


Additional site program items at the CASA Nutrition and Transportation Center include: a secure loading/receiving zone, a covered delivery vehicle staging area that facilitates meal loading in inclement weather, a secure employee parking zone, a landscaped outdoor activity zone and expansion zones for the primary functions of the facility.

Owner: City of Albuquerque

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Size: 9,750 SF

Photos by Kirk Gittings