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The new facility houses the Pueblo of Sandia Office of Tribal Leadership, Tribal Council, Tribal Courts, Tribal Administration, Community Center and ancillary supporting facilities. The building consists of two stories and full basement, constructed on a constricted site in the heart of the pueblo village. There is a Tribal Council that serves a function similar to a state's house or senate. The Tribal Council is responsible for passing laws and resolutions, overseeing business operations, deciding on capital improvement projects and economic development initiatives. The Governor, Lt. Governor, Warchief and Lt. Warchief are appointed for annual terms according to Sandia's cultural tradition. The design incorporates security, access control and perimeter surveillance capabilities for the Judicial and Administrative functions. Three levels of layers security are included to effectively separate the judicial, in-custody and public internal circulation/interface requirements.


Owner: Sandia Pueblo

Location: Sandia Pueblo

Size: 48,000 SF

Photos by Don May