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The San Carlos Apache Reservation consists of 1.9 million acres and people from several different Apache bands. These factors make it the seventh largest reservation in the United States. The new medical center facility will serve this large population from its location approximately two miles east of the community of Peridot, Arizona. The Center will provide care tailored to the population it serves by adhering to the Indian Health Services (IHS) national model for the delivery of health care to Native American Communities.


The new medical center will be a 180,000 square foot freestanding building on a site whose concept and development are unique to the San Carlos Apache Tribe. The medical center will be modern, technologically advanced, culturally meaningful and architecturally responsive to the healthcare needs of the San Carlos Apache Tribe.


Patient healthcare delivery will be multidisciplinary and will provide care similar to the Mayo Clinic model. Outpatient primary care registration, vitals, exam and consultation follow-up scheduling will take place in the exam room. The specialty providers and general providers will come to the exam room minimizing patient movement.


Departments and services include: emergency medicine, imaging, laboratory, pharmacy, minor surgery, inpatient unit, labor and delivery, primary and specialty care, mental health, podiatry, physical therapy, optometry, dental and community health.

Owner: San Carlos Apache Tribe

Location: San Carlos, AZ

Size: 180,000 SF

Associate Architect: Dyron Murphy Architects

Photos by Kirk Gittings