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Located in the rugged Sierra Blanca Mountain range of Lincoln County at the southern end of the Rocky Mountains, the Fire Station’s architecture is abstractly influenced by its setting: local materials, natural surroundings and cultural / social heritage. The new facility contributes to the village identity through its traditional hip-roofed form, materials and stature. It offers a sense of safety, professional commitment and stability. Like its historical predecessor, the Ruidoso Main Fire Station has become analogous to the idea of community.


The Village selected a challenging site, shared by the community swimming pool and tennis courts. Relatively narrow and long with a steep mountain range to the south, the site predetermined the station to be long and narrow.  Taking its cues from the aptly-named Longhouse, the structure of the Station emphasizes simplicity of form, accented with large openings at functional nodes and smaller openings at opportune locations to take full advantage of views, allow the influx of north light and define both indoor and outdoor spaces.


The design attempts to engage the natural topography and though the steep slope had to be cut and retained, fill requirements elsewhere in the site design resulted in a balanced solution.

Owner: Village of Ruidoso

Location: Ruidoso, NM

Size: 14,500 SF

Photos by Kirk Gittings