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The New Mexico Museum of Space History expansion's exhibits highlight the development of military, civil and commercial space programs, while emphasizing the ‘space experience’ both in the building as well as in the New Mexico landscape. A rugged and steeply sloping 6 acre campus contains three existing buildings scattered across the site, including a regional landmark - the 40 year old Space Hall of Fame. The site’s topography, the disconnected relationship of buildings and the “preciousness” of an icon building provided important design challenges.


The master plan responds to our client’s goal for a more cohesive campus where the new building acts as a connection to existing facilities to unify the campus. Oriented perpendicular to the site’s slope, the linear expansion capitalizes on the steep topography to create a dynamic exhibition space consisting of large open, gently sloping 'exhibit halls.'


Throughout the 91,000 SF building, as vertical heights expand and contract, objects of varying heights can be viewed from various elevations. A central three level 'office zone' looks out over the exhibition spaces, engaging the public with the operations aspect of the museum.  A walkable roof terrace connecting the expansion to the original "Hall of Fame" museum doubles as an outdoor display area - showcasing artifacts with the backdrop of a dramatic NM landscape that includes a view to White Sands and the San Andres Mountains.

Owner: State of New Mexico

Location: Alamogordo, NM

Size: 91,000 SF

Renderings by RMKM