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“It was as long, continuous, and, at times, uncertain or convoluted process demanding constant attention and flexibility.  Only a dedicated, professional team of architects and their engineers with excellent client relationship skills could successfully manage the above-described comprehensive process…RMKM proved to be such an architectural firm…”


Simon M. Shima, AICP

Director of Planning and Development

Pueblo of Isleta



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Established about 1300, Isleta Pueblo maintains strong ties to traditional values. The Tribal Services Complex is located in the foothills between the Rio Grande Bosque and Manzano Mountains and is strategically placed in a natural depression. The complex houses the Tribe's Fire, Police, E911, Courts, Council and Administration in one single facility.


Gathering dwellings and structures are grouped around a central meeting place, maintaining harmony with the natural surroundings. They're aligned with the sun, moon and sacred directions and honor the traditions the Isleta Tribe continues hold in high esteem. Keeping these in mind, along with a desire to create a sense of unity throughout the complex, RMKM envisioned a two-level facility with four distinct volumes, or "buildings", serving public needs and surrounding a central plaza. The lower level contains support spaces, public safety, Tribal leadership and a parking garage. Consolidating all of Isleta Pueblo's government agencies, the complex represents a model of program efficiency: all departments share a parking garage, conference center, fitness center, cafe and circulation plaza.


The architectural imprint acknowledges a strong desire to blend harmoniously with the land through time. The Council Chambers evolved as a place of cultural significance. The spirit of the composition respects cultural interdependence between work-worship-recreation and imparts rhythm as an aesthetic experience. Stainless steel tubes woven in a distinctive 'Jacal" shade structure wrap the Council Chambers' envelope of curved glazing. Visible from I-25, the composition serves as a beacon to the community and passersby alike.

Tribal Council Chambers construction, created and posted by Architectural Photographer Kirk Gittings

Owner: Pueblo of Isleta

Location:  Albuquerque, NM

Size: 112,000 GSF (56,000 GSF heated, 56,000 GSF unheated)

Photos by Kirk Gittings