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Tom Wiley Hall is CNM Montoya’s Gateway building and represents the campus’ first impression. Although the renovation of TW Hall significantly addressed the building’s systems and functionality, a major concentration of the renovation efforts landed upon place making - branding TW Hall as the central hub for campus business. CNM’s recognizable logo and blue and gold colors infuse interiors and furniture selections. Other materials and finish selections integrate into the palette that the logo and colors establish.


Many interior spaces of TW Hall flow into each other in a continuous open space, leaving furniture selections to establish changes of character between different functional spaces.  While the CNM Connect zone focuses on serving individual students, the public lobby encourages students to meet and interact in a café’-esque environment. Furniture types and colors cue an atmospheric change that identifies these areas as individual ‘places.’


Prior to this intervention, TW Hall was an aging and non-descript presence on campus. The renovation re-establishes TW Hall as a campus magnet and truly student-focused zone.