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Albuquerque Police Department’s Northwest Area Command has been Certified LEED Gold, proving that a project with stringent standards and requiring the most durable of materials can also be sustainable.


Police Departments can certainly take a beating. Therefore, a focus on impenetrability drove furniture and finish selections at the Sixth Area Command. Block walls in striated colors project a public message of strength and stability.  Telescoping through to the interior, these same blocks contrast with natural wood tones and the exposed aggregate of polished concrete.


In spite of its strong facade, an unconventional openness characterizes the Sixth Area Command. An oversized porch and daylit lobby welcome the public to the department, where they can sense the spirit of interaction and cooperation that infused the facility’s planning.  For the public safety officials who occupy the Sixth Area Command, natural light is accessible at every turn and an interior courtyard presents a relieving opportunity for light and air.