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The Albuquerque Museum - Phase I expansion was a ‘reinvention project.’ The museum had outgrown its original building (built in 1978) and also yearned for a new public face. The formal addition reorients the visitor entry and introduces a materials palette that elevates the museum’s profile.


Evocative of the New Mexican art that hangs on its walls, the expansion (lobby, gallery, events space) is a composition of mass and light. The lobby’s scale and white canvas echo the vastness of the New Mexico landscape, punctured by light-framed forms of contemporary Southwestern materials (wood, stone, plaster) projecting into the void.


The drama of the museum plays out in the contrasts of light and dark and also in the presentation / experience of art. The materials in the Albuquerque Museum Phase I expansion appropriately recede to allow the museum’s stellar collections  to take center stage.