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The new Guadalupe County Hospital facility designed by RMKM will replace a fifty year old building which served as the only hospital between Albuquerque and Amarillo. The new building incorporates an inpatient unit, an ER, a hospital administration wing, Santa Rosa’s only pharmacy (to serve both hospital and retail needs), a clinic where all of the city’s doctors will practice and a public health office.


Because the building will serve so many necessary functions in the community, it will naturally be a gathering place for Santa Rosa.  The building has been designed with this in mind, allowing the limited staff to easily serve both their patients and the public. For instance, the pharmacists will prepare drugs for the hospital, but will also dispense drugs and medical advice  to retail customers.  At night, nurses will perform receptionist duties at the ER while keeping watch over their inpatients.  Finally, the doctors at the clinic will also serve the hospital.


Jim McNamara served as programming and medical planning team leader. Based on his experience, the design team was able to plan a building that successfully accommodated the dual roles of the hospital staff. His responsibilities included site planning, floor plan layouts and building envelope design.

Owner:  Guadalupe County

Location: Santa Rosa, NM

Size: 36,000 SF

Photos by Kirk Gittings