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The Village of Cuba Public Library is the only library facility between Bernalillo and Farmington. As such, it serves a large geographic area with a highly diverse population. The new single story facility consists of 3800 square feet and features an open flexible floor plan with abundant natural light and views. In addition to housing Cuba’s book collection, the facility provides a children’s story area and much needed Internet access for patrons. Soils excavated during construction have been reused to create a site berm that accommodates a natural amphitheater for outdoor community events and performances. The building design responds to the fact that a single staff person must often oversee library operations. Therefore, the main desk and the librarian’s office allow visual control of both the main entry and the entire facility. The architecture employs a simple design approach that includes an exposed roof structure and cost effective materials such as colorful stucco, standard aluminum storefront windows and painted gypsum board walls. The design team considered and designed the current facility around a future expansion strategy. The entire north wall is constructed from modular storefront that will be easily relocated when the library expands.


The Village of Cuba is currently seeking funding for Phase 2, which has been planned to include a conference center, café, computer center with state of the art distance learning capabilities and space to accommodate an archival southwest collection.

Owner: Village of Cuba

Location: Cuba, NM

Size: 3,810 SF

Photos by Kirk Gittings