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The ABC Library, located near the intersection of West Central Avenue and Unser Blvd, presents a unique opportunity to advance library service and dramatically enhance the quality of life for thousands of Albuquerque’s citizens.


The new library will be Albuquerque’s west side “living room,” a warm and inviting magnet for fellowship, learning and social exchange. In addition to housing 85,000 collection items, the library offers a variety of patron seating / reading experiences. Divergent requirements of specific age groups drive unique designs for dedicated child, teen & adult areas and two multi-purpose meeting rooms fulfill the community’s need for teaching / gathering venues and organized event space. A pedestrian plaza/outdoor amphitheater and attractive native landscaping flank the library’s main entry and accommodate small performance events and open-air gatherings.


Initially faced with a program bursting its site at the seams, the design team chose to elevate the library program above one story of parking. This alleviates the program squeeze by allowing service spaces to ‘slip’ beneath the main level, dramatically improves views of the Sandia Mountains and increases the library’s presence and visual importance to create a landmark in the community. Recognizing that future change is an inherent characteristic of the public library building type, flexibility in the floor plan was a primary design goal. An underfloor air distribution / raised floor system will ease the work of redistributing systems if/when required.

Owner: City of Albuquerque

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Size: 25,000 SF New Construction

See a time lapse video of its construction here!

Photos by Kirk Gittings