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Society, dominated by urban interests, all too often ignores the effects of policies on traditional rural life. As the share of population living in cities increases, political and economic power tends to erode in rural communities. The residents of Bosque Farms cherish their rural character and resist the encroachment of urban influences on their community. When the Village sought to make improvements to their existing Municipal Center, with new fire and police stations being the primary need, the study of traditional agrarian structures and their relationships, yielded a wealth of time tested solutions that influenced the design.


In collaboration with the building committee, mutually agreed upon and attainable parameters were established to achieve the budget and scope objectives. The challenge was to achieve a value-based balance between quantity, quality and cost. The existing site was studied to identify valuable attributes to be preserved, while other undesirable characteristics were evaluated for elimination. “Center” public gathering places such as main streets, plazas and town squares were considered as organizing elements, about which the needed facilities (existing City Hall, Library and Municipal Court; and New Police Station and Fire Station) and site amenities (Little League baseball, park, picnic areas, and tennis) could be ordered. With the new public court yard and plaza as organizers the process became a classic study of the interdependence between “positive” and “negative” space.

Owner: Village of Bosque Farms

Location: Bosque Farms, NM

Size: 8,500 SF

Photos by Kirk Gittings