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These fire stations represent the first two iterations of a prototype fire station design developed by RMKM in conjunction with the county’s Fire & Rescue Departments for the diverse Bernalillo County communities and landscapes. This collaborative design team based programmatic requirements on a thorough needs assessment, the established Emergency Response protocol, principles of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) and sustainable design objectives and strategies. These stations were intended to serve all facets of fire and rescue departmental operations for the districts they serve.


With so many programmatic and operational needs essential to the departments’ ability to protect life and property, coupled with the County’s desire for a design that is easily adaptive to ever changing needs of the region, communities and technology, RMKM’s solution was to follow modern design aesthetics by providing a streamlined floor plan and honest expression of structure and materials. The fully accessible floor plan is organized about an internal “race-track” circulation system that reinforces the site security strategies while engaging the five distinct functional zones that support the emergency operations.


In keeping with the modern, fully functional design aesthetic of this prototype design, ornamental trimmings and any unnecessary treatments are avoided so that the building’s structure becomes the highlight and the focus is strictly on functionality of the services the departments strive to provide. The buildings stand as a symbol of professional integrity, permanence and dedication to the public protection and service.

Owner: Bernalillo County

Location:  Albuquerque, NM

Size: 8,500 GSF each

Photos by Kirk Gittings