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This new City of Albuquerque public safety complex includes multiple public agencies; a APD Community Police Substation, a full-sized AFD Fire Station and a Community Conference /Training Center. The unique design solution master planned and executed by RMKM allows the different agencies to vary the amount of interaction; departments can function fully integrated, partially, or fully segregated. The innovative new facility was developed in response to specific Police and Fire Departmental objectives as well as the  neighborhood & site context and the established Emergency Response Protocols to achieve a relationship of mutual benefit and support.  Simply defined, the program consists of five basic functional / operational zones including, apparatus, utility, sleeping, living and  administration that are organized about a sinuous artery of circulation punctuated by destinations of interaction and “multi-use.” The facility utilizes appropriate construction techniques, materials and systems that over a long life are durable, cost effective, promote low operational costs and require minimal maintenance.

Owner: City of Albuquerque

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Size: 17,500 SF

Photos by Kirk Gittings